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We’re proud to have partnered with Phoenix Auto Finance to offer customers a new option for their used car needs with pre-owned vehicle leasing now available at Arizona Car Sales.

When you lease a car, you (the lessee) finance the difference between the sales price of the vehicle and the "residual value" of the car. The residual value is how much a vehicle is expected to be worth after the end of a lease. For new cars, this value is set by the vehicle manufacturer while in a used car lease this value set by the lender or a third party chosen by the lender. As the lessee, you’re given the first right of refusal to purchase the vehicle at the end of your lease term which may allow you to purchase the car far below current market value.

It’s important to consider all the pros and cons when deciding between leasing or buying a used car. At Arizona Car Sales, we’re here to help you figure out if leasing a used vehicle is right for you.

Get a new car more often

If you’re the type of driver who likes to change your ride every few years, leasing may be for you! Lease terms are typically designed to last for two or three years and leasing a vehicle is a great way to get a new car, truck, van, or SUV without facing high depreciation.

Lower residual values

Since a used vehicle starts with a lower price tag than a brand-new vehicle, the residual price will also be lower. This can mean a more lucrative deal for you when you’re offered the buyout deal at the end of your lease term.

Lower insurance costs

You can save 25-50% when you buy a like-new used vehicle vs a brand-new car. Because used vehicles tend to have a much lower sale price and insurable value than new cars this can also mean a pre-owned leased vehicle will also cost less to insure.

Lower upfront cost

Secure the car, truck, or SUV you want while keeping more money in your pocket! Leasing a pre-owned vehicle will often require a smaller down payment than if you were to finance that same vehicle for purchase.

Lower monthly payment

Choosing to lease a car can often result in a lower monthly payment. This is because you’re not paying for the vehicle’s entire lifespan, instead you’re essentially renting it for an extended period of time. For well-qualified lessees, this can mean substantial savings.

Lease a used car with bad credit

It’s easier than ever for people with less-than-perfect credit to be approved for a lease contract thanks to our finance team at Arizona Car Sales! Arizona Car Sales offers buy here, pay here and lease here, pay here financing which means you can lease a new car, even if you have a 500 credit score. At the end of an Arizona Car Sales lease you still have the option to purchase the car outright.

Monthly payments for lease agreements

Your credit rating typically factors into final monthly payment calculations whether you choose to lease or buy a vehicle. With an Arizona Car Sales used car lease, you can choose from weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly payment schedules to ensure your lease payments line up with your budgeting needs. Phoenix Auto Finance, the financing partner for Arizona Car Sales used car leasing program, has been helping people with credit issues to find bad credit auto loans and leases since 2010.

If you’re still having trouble deciding if a used car lease is right for you, contact us using the form below or stop by the Arizona Car Sales dealership! Our car financing experts are here to answer your questions and help you find the auto loan financing solution that works best for you!

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